Space Traveler

Space Traveler

“Equipped with his five senses,
man explores the universe around him
and calls the adventure Science”.
Edwin P. Hubble – Astronomer

The future human space traveler and the 92 elements of the periodic table

© December 26, 2014
By Capt. Gary Pylant

If we stop and think about the zillions of atoms that make up our Universe and then think that everything in our universe is made up of just 92 earthly or universal elements it seems to be pretty simple but complex. The laws of physics will only let us do a limited number of things with these 92 elements and deep space travel isn’t one of them.
We have only been to the Moon six times in the last fifty years so that should be our first clue that the 92 elements which human bodies and space craft are made out of are not designed to travel in deep space. Mars is out of the question. It takes 42 minutes just to send a radio signal to Mars at the speed of light, 186,288 miles per second.
There is a better way and if you read my personal story that I call the “THE HAPPY ATOM” you will read about how I did it and how I did it is teachable. You can do it too.
From the time of our birth to the age that we are today we have had filters added to our belief system. These filters limit what we can do and we can only do what we believe we can do so what I’m talking about today is New Science that most people won’t even be able to consider as a possibility in todays world.
I have been lucky from the time of my birth on my parents’ airport in Phoenix Arizona November 16, 1939. I got to grow up with Mother Nature all around me for my teacher so I didn’t have the filters added to my believe system at that young age. I have had sign posts throughout my life that has guided me and given me the adventures and knowledge that I have today.
I have been able to make a big jump ahead of the human race and take a look back to see where we are all going and it looks good, actually very good.
The human race is changing from what I’m calling the caterpillar conscious to the butterfly conscious. The old thought patterns are falling away and a brand new golden ray of the human race is on the horizon.
There is so much more to say about all of this, so many details along the way that gave me the desire to learn what I have learned and do the crazy things it took to come to this day with a smile on my face and love in my heart for this beautiful universe that is ours to play in…
My desire today is to help give science a new jump start in this New Science that will let the Genie out of the bottle. It’s the new game-changer and its fun. When you travel a hundred million light years across the cosmos and enjoy the beauty, you find that there is only the passion of love and pleasure everywhere; you too will come back with a smile on your face.
FACT: You cannot travel light years in space without love in your heart for all that is… Space is “Love & Pleasure”, and love is the key to open that door if you want to be part of it.
This is the first teaching of our new school for all of you that would like to travel the heavens and find your new adventures that abound everywhere.
Creators improve on their creations as evolution moves them forward so our future looks bright.
See you up there…

Capt. Gary Pylant … “the pilot” … 602-315-9521 …