Before – E=MC2


Creation Exposed


By Capt. Gary L. Pylant & Physicist Professor Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is my “Hero” and I give him full credit for what you are about to read. I don’t know why he would single me out to lay all of this physics stuff on, except I have died twice and come back from the other side and I did fly for the Atomic Energy Commission in Nevada doing atomic bomb testing and I flew thru the top of an atomic bomb mushroom cloud. So I’m guessing it might be a little hard to find someone else with these unusual qualifications, plus I have a very relaxed attitude about life, and a strong desire to know everything. I think life now is just one big adventure for all of us and you will see why as you read on.

This new equations, WETI-B-E=MC2-AECE, starts when there was nothing, taking us to the Big Bang and on to E=MC2, traveling through Time and History which is the Atoms, Evolution and Eternity. When I saw the master plan behind all of this, I said “WOW” how cool is that.

I can tell you one thing; this baby Earth and Universe that we live in and on, is much more fun than we have been told. Today we are going to let the kitty cat out of the bag, so get ready for a big bunch of “Smiley Face’s” in our future.

My life began November 16, 1939… we lived on my parents airport, Dad 19 and Mother was 17. They were both pilots and I tell everyone that I started learning how to fly as an embryo because my mother would go out every morning and fly her little Piper Cub. After I was about two weeks old she would take me with her so I got to go fly most every morning and I must have loved it because growing up was filled with happy memories.


I can remember as a baby crawling out the door of our house located at the airport. It was all desert with cactus and some farm land about twenty miles north of downtown Phoenix. There was a lot of wild life back then and I can remember rabbits, lizards, rattle snakes and scorpions and somehow I knew what I could play with and what I couldn’t. I never was hurt as a baby and don’t ever remember my Mother or Father ever telling me to watch out for this or that. Kids are not afforded that luxury today.

I could fly by the time I was eleven years old. Legal flying age was sixteen so I always had to take a licensed pilot with me so that I could go up and terrorize the eagles… I loved flying more than anything else on this planet and still do to this day.

The United States Air Force was my next adventure and I loved it, but I decided to retire early. I became a government contract pilot. That was kinda like Top Secret, James Bond kind of stuff. I loved what we did, along with the danger and adrenaline rush.

The next fun thing was 20th Century Fox was rounding up flight crews and airplanes to do the Movie, Tora, Tora, Tora, the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

This is where my story begins and I think that Albert Einstein came into my life. My company contracted to bring five Boeing B-17 bombers to Hawaii for the filming of the movie. We had three B-17’s so four of us company pilots went to Cocha Bomba Bolivia to fly back two more B-17’s for the movie.

While there some Nuns asked me to come to their orphanage and see the kids. The kids were all well feed and taken good care of so I started donating to help this worthy cause. In a few days the Nun’s asked me to come back again, that they wanted me to meet a business man, I thought. We talked about what I did and how I liked it in Bolivia, he didn’t say much about himself.

To fast-forward, a year later when I started flying for the Atomic Energy Commission I landed at the bomb site, the famous Top Secret area 51 in Nevada…


I walked into a meeting with a couple of hundred other people to plan the detonation of the test bomb. On stage all of the top atomic science’s where there along with my Bolivian buddy. What a surprise to say the least. After the meeting I walked up and said Hi, and he said hi Gary, like he knew that I would be there.

So with my last image of him being in an orphanage in Bolivia, I asked him, don’t you feel a little bit bad about snuffing one or two million people in the blink of an eye?

And he said, “Gary, that’s not how we look at it… all we are doing, is Changing Their Expression of Reality”… and I said “no sh.., you vaporize them”.

He said, “You can’t kill energy; you can only change it from one form to another”.

Well I do believe this was the beginning of Albert dragging me into his world. Changing their expression of reality or as Albert would have said it today, “Changing Their Expression of Energy”…

Now are you ready for the answer to all of this… it has only taken me fifty years to find the answer… and I might say it’s amazingly good news.

Let us start with the equations but first please take into consideration that there were no words in the beginning so you will have to use what I call “Self Evident Learning”, a term that I have coined… After you have read the exclamation of the equation it will become evident as to who we really are.



Want, is the driving force of the universe. The one thing that we all have in common with each other and everything else in this universe is “WANT”.


Take a little Want; add a dash of Emotion and the pot starts to boil.



Now we have Thought… thinking about Want and Emotion.

I – I AM

When Want, Emotion and Thought became aware of itself, it became the great… “I Am”… !

B – The Big Bang

The Great I AM” lite the fuse that started the “Big Bang”.


Now we have Energy = Mass X the Speed of Light, Squared. The beginning of the real understanding of who we are and the power of the Atom.


The Big Bang was the creations of the Atoms, the beginning of E=MC2 and the atom memory chip that records ourevolution. The Atom also has a balance indicator that keeps the Universe within the laws of physics.


Evolution is the score keeper and recorder of all Time and History in the atom.


C, Is the continued Changing Expression of all Reality and Energy in our universe.


We are the footsteps of Eternity and WE will always be our ever expanding selves with a never ending hunger for more… “I WANT”…



And You Are… Along time ago, there was no matter, and no radiation. This story begins, when there was no space, and there was no time… but there was “YOU”!

When people thought the world was flat, it wasn’t that their thinking was distorted; it was because the data that they were collecting gave them that information. The flow of time is intimately linked to space – and to matter and gravity and that all started with The Big Bang and Albert Einstein’s E=MC2. We now know that the Earth isn’t flat and we are finding out that we existed before The Big Bang.

When science starts asking questions with the understanding that we were before the Big Bang it will take us into the Golden Age that will be beyond our present believe of today. The Earth isn’t flat and we don’t have any limitations. The Creation Myths of our past are out of balance with Evolution today and are coming to their end.

Our Universe began with the spark of “Want”. The inspiration of “Emotion”, and the power of “Thought”. When the awesome power of Thought, thought about itself, “WE” became the Great “I AM” and that lite the fuse to create the “BIG BANG” and the Atoms. The Atoms are the building blocks of the universe and this universe and little planet Earth is our playground. This is no more than just a big chess game and were having fun planning the game.

Next Albert Einstein’s amazing equation, E=MC2 gave us the tools to understand our universe and the Atoms.

The amazing Atom doesn’t give up its secrets very easily. The Eight Billion Dollar underground Particle Accelerator at Cern, near Geneva, Switzerland, can “see” father than any telescope. It recreates the conditions in the Big Bang by smashing particles violently together at almost the Speed of Light. 186,000 Miles Per Second. At that speed we can go seven times around the Earth in One Second.

The connection between the Atom and Evolution is one that I don’t think they’re going to find the answer to in a Particle Accelerator. The Atom has a memory chip


and it records everything that has ever happened since the Big Bang right up until today. We live in an expanding Universe and Evolution is the score keeper and recorder of all Time and History through the memory chip in each Atom. We are a young learning universe and the learning is starting to compound upon itself. In the beginning we had a clean blackboard to start with. The dinosaurs were a bit too big and the little green frog was a bit too small but the human beings were just right…

Everything that we think and do is recorded in every Atom in the Universe in real time and keep for all eternity. Lucky for us there is no judgment in our Universe; that is only a manmade concept, we only smile upon ourselves for being such great creators. Like my Atomic Energy Buddy said, all we are doing; and all we have every done and all we will ever do is, “Change our Expression of Reality” or Energy. And that’s your choice as to what that will be and you get as many “Do-Overs” as you “Want” and you will want a lot of “Do-Overs”…

I was sleeping one night and I had a vision. Now a vision is a moment in the “I AM SELF” that you’re in the middle of. A dream is a potential of something in our “Human Self” future.

So this vision came to me that every person on the planet was invited to this huge Banquet to walk down the Red Carpet to receive their Oscar for their grand performance for their part in this wonderful play we call life on Earth.

We were eating and drinking and celebrating each other for our grand performance. There was laughter and love like I had never felt before.

So if you would like to know your future just hop into my vision. You are a great actor and you have already won your Oscar…

The Human Race is just getting started. We are like a bunch of Toddlers just learning how to crawl. Nothing bad is going to happen to us, we are forever and we are learning that the best is yet to come. And trust me; we love the adventure and we love changing our expressions of reality… We will always be conscious of


ourselves and you can stay in your bodies for a hundred or a thousand years, your choice once you get the hang of all this creation stuff. My atomic energy buddy had been on the Earth for 2,200 years when I met him. He also said that he wasn’t limited to this earthly adventure, like changing the channel on your radio or TV, he could enjoy a different reality anytime he desired and so can “YOU”!

If I were You, and I Am… I would love more and worry less. You don’t need to worry about anything. The human race is just now waking up to see what our true potential really is. We live in a Universe of balance and pure love. Our thoughts can make all the difference for our tomorrows. What’s that song…

Just Be Happy!


The Thoughts You Entertain… Will Entertain You!

From the Non- physical, you created you, and now from the physical, you continue to create, and we are nothing if we are not Flow-ers of Energy or our Reality’s. We must have outrageous adventures that are ringing our bells, that put’s the Zing in who we are, for the continuation of All-That-Is. That is what puts the eternalness in eternity for us.

We need to lighten up and enjoy the ride… it’s our creation.

Our Universe is 13.7 billion years old since the Big Bang and then it took our Planet 3 billion years to start life and create oxygen. Then about eighty thousand years ago the human race, as we know ourselves today, got off to a very slow start. Sixteen thousand years ago we started learning how to build our cities, farm and live together or try to live together.

Not until this last one hundred years did things really take off. Evolution, (Evolution is the accumulated of knowledge in real time to date of the history of our Universe)… Now we have Evolution from its slow start of 13.7 billion years ago until today, now moving at lightning speed. Evolution is compounding daily.


Remember the Atom and its memory chip. Our universe is learning and becoming very smart now. Everything in our Universe is sharing all of this knowledge that is stored in each Atom in real time with itself or ourselves. You can access this knowledge through Self Evident Learning.

We are two parts of this great creation. Part one is the “I AM” that was our conscious self-beginnings before the Big Bang and Time. Part two is the Human self-Adventure. The confusing part of being human is that we haven’t had a clue about whom and what we are until now and now we are just learning how to learn about ourselves. Albert Einstein almost had the complete picture but evolution wasn’t quite that far along yet.

As the all-powerful, “I AM-Self”, we love to create things and as the “Fun Loving Human Self”, we love to enjoy and play in our creations. Now here is the confusing part. As the most wonderful “I AM”, creator of all that is and everything that ever will be, there is no “Time Reference”. We are pure thought. We think it, and it happens. So our thoughts as “I AM” and our thoughts as a human is one and the same but as a human our Universe has a buffer of time before you get what you have just asked for. The reason is because the Universe has a cosmic speed limit of 186,000 miles per second which creates the buffer of time but Mr. Einstein said if we could travel at the speed of light we would reach zero time. Well we can reach zero time and do quite often. We have to be in perfect balance to reach this state of existent. It’s called self-appreciation and being “Happy”!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing something that just thrills you and you’re happy beyond anything that you can think of, that there is “No Time”. This is when your part one and part two are one and the same. When you become one with yourself emotion kicks in and the whole Universe is thrilled with you, in real time, and you get whatever you want.

Science Tomorrow…

There is a Million, Trillion, Zillion Atoms in our Universe but there is only 92 Elements in the Universe that makes up all matter. All scientists are trying to take


our 92 element bodies with us to travel in space along with our 92 element space crafts. There is a much better way to do it. Just think our way there in the zero time “I AM” and take the 92 elements at the other end and just recreate ourselves and everything else that we would like… Problem solved!

Decades ago the late Richard W. Wetherill identified a natural law that defines its intent for the behavior of the human race, and he called it “The Law of Absolute Right”. Lacking knowledge of that law caused the ancients and the following generations to live by their own intent, routinely causing their extinction.

That’s OK, they just changed their expression of reality… but it was a big surprise to them at the time… Like where did we go?

The intent of nature’s behavioral Law of Absolute Right is defined as rational and honest responses to all aspects of life.

Thanks to Wetherill’s insight our generation has the opportunity to change our flawed thinking and behavior to the intent of an inviolable, self-enforcing natural law, calling for the same compliance as with the laws of physics.

People who accept the logic of the above explanation live by the intent of the behavioral law, as best they can. They know that any problems or troublesome results indicate their deviation from the law of Absolute Right. Eagerly they drop their intent and return to the safety of the intent of this natural law.

It’s kinda like gravity; you step off of the rim of the Grand Canyon, it’s a mile to the bottom, you’re not going to go up!

The original, eternal intention of the Law of One is love-based; respect for free will, and perpetual life creation. “The Law of One” belongs to every one of every creed. He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings his own Self”… Buddha.

Even in the Bible; St. John 10 – 34;

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?


That’s my clue as to who I am and that I was here before the Big Bang and so were “YOU”, a little hard to believe, isn’t it.

So as I see it, it’s time to straighten up and “Fly Right”. The days of being the 3 Musketeer’s is over and it’s time to hang up our swords.

I love the laws of physics. Being a pilot and engineer I know that I can’t build an airplane with one wing longer than the other. It won’t fly straight and it’s not in balance so why should I think that I can live my life out of balance. The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, paints a white line down the middle of every runway in the world so pilots can stay on the center line of the runway. Now that I know where I came from and who and what I am, I am painting my own white line down the center of the Universe so I can stay on center line and live in balance. It just feels good to me and so this is my choice to live by.

Not only does Atoms have memory chip, they also have a balance indicator so if the Atom gets too far out of balance it will stop supporting the elements that is part of that structure. That structure could be you or me. In our past history there have been civilizations disappear and not leave a trace. Atoms when they are out of balance can go through a rebalancing process called, “Spontaneous Combustion”. This is kinda how atomic bombs work. The focused temperature can rise as high as 3,200 degrees. Gold will turn to vapor at 2,800 degrees. So maybe these Civilizations just disappeared into thin air.

If we are happy, we are in balance. If we are unhappy, living in stressful fear or hate then we are out of balance. It’s pretty easy to figure that one out.

The fact that evolution is guided by physics, chemistry and our emotions gives us the rules to play the game by. We can become a great person and a great race of people by being kind and loving. It’s not that hard to just be a sweet kid, guy or gal. It’s a choice and it sounds a whole lot better to me than spontaneous combustion.



Now add the universal laws of attraction. “Like Attracts Like”. Next add the power of Thought to the mix.

So now we take the power of a compounding evolution, which means the buffer of time between a thought and the attraction of that action is now down to days, hours or even seconds. So what once took 10,000 years in evolution can now happen in a day or less. The Atoms are in a correction mode right now and it’s time that we understand what our part in this play is. I think the name of the play is “BALANCE” and I think the time is now because things are moving really fast in the universe at this time.

Remember it took thousands of years to invent the “Wheel”, but once we had the wheel, life on earth started to move a whole lot faster. Positive thoughts are good and it’s a lot more fun to create nice things for everybody.

The days of the human race being stuck on stupid; and I will be the first to say that I was the head of that pack with my flawed thinking, but those smoky old saloons were a lot of fun. I just turned 73 and it is so nice to have raised a little hell in my life but there is some things I really don’t want “Do-Overs” on. I call those days, my Silly Rabbit days when I was totally stuck on stupid. I am so happy that we can live and learn along the way and create new adventures with a little more respect for all concerned.

I don’t just flip the TV on anymore now that I know how powerful my thoughts are. When I think that they go back before the Big Bang it gives me a little thrill zinging inside me. I love to watch movies that make me feel good, teach me something new, bring a tear to my eye, make me feel love for the whole universe, myself and all of this wonderful earthly drama… life!

I like the original movie, “The Secret”, with Esther Hicks & Abraham… The movie “Bull Durham”, with Kevin Costner & Susan Sarandon, I loved Susan Sarandon philosophe about Religion and Baseball… The movie “For The Love of The Game”, with Kevin Costner & Kelly Preston, You can learn how Kevin Costner cleared his mind and become one with the “I AM”… Tom Shadyac’s movie “I AM”… check out


what happened to his life, he had it all… The movie, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”, a Joe Cross Film. How to renew your health and spirit.

We are living in the greatest Hologram in the Universe. The movie, “Don Juan DeMarco”, Produced by Francis Ford Coppola, Staring , Marlon Brando – Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway – will draw you a road map to create your own Hologram. Your every moment in life will be a mystery to be solved so Enjoy… We are all part of the Greatest Show on Earth and the Galaxy. We have become very good at “Changing our Perceptions of Reality”. We are the mist on the water, the stars in the night and the sun at the beach… so let’s go get a nice tan…

By Capt. Gary L. Pylant

Copy write © 2012

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New Ideas

First it is ridiculed by those ignorant of its potential.

Next, it is subverted by those threatened by its potential.

Finally, it is considered self-evident.

Life is just a choice and there are no wrong answers.

Now think about that for the rest of the day!