The Question!

Have you ever wondered what life was all about. Well, I have asked that question a million times and finally I got the answer.

I was at one of the many cross-roads in my life and I had an opportunity to ask for a tour of the universe.  And I got it!  I was taken all the way back through time and space to the Big Bang and beyond. I got to travel a hundred million light years across the galaxies, into the black-holes, into the dark matter of space and finally into the very heart of the atom.

This website is my story of what I experienced… My hope is that it will give you the peace of mind that we are all on a wonderful vacation and the best is yet to come for all of us earthlings.  so enjoy the adventure…  You asked for it!

When I was born in 1939, there were less than two billion people on the planet. Before that there were only one billion people for the last ten thousand years. Now there are five billion more people with a total of seven billion people. I liken it to the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly and defragging our computers.

Right now the human race is living its life cycle just as the caterpillar, and it can’t take another bite. Self Evident Learning is a training process to defrag our hard drives and prepare us to become the butterfly. As you read through the website and gain an understanding of this New Science, the intent of this training will become clear.

We are already pre-programed for this transition. We will all become butterflies of the human race. However, those who don’t understand the transition will go through it kicking and screaming. For those who do understand, it will be a natural and enjoyable flow of life. As for myself, I like natural and enjoyable.

The Self Evident Learning website is filled with videos of friends and my crazy, wild adventures, such as flying through the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. One thing that I know for sure is “Happy Fun Loving People” will be the ones who take us into “The New Golden Age of This Human Adventure”.  Everyone in the videos included on the website, have the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. That is “Evolution” at its best.

Do you honestly think that our planet can sustain another seven billion people? There is a better way for all of us and “Self Evident Learning” is the key that will open the door.   Enjoy!   Learn More