The Happy Atom

If you like stories about Dreams and the possibilities of them coming true you may just like this one.

This is Gary’s story about his crazy life that he has lived and is still living. After flying for the Atomic Energy Commission blowing up atomic bombs in the famous Area 51, in Nevada, he says, that he knows now, that life will never end for himself, or you. Hard to believe, isn’t it…

Gary say’s that the human race is changing from the caterpillar conscious to the butterfly conscious so our dreams of the future will be dazzling.

Elvis Presley once said, “Every Dream that I have ever dreamed has come true”.

After you hear the rest of Gary’s story you will understand how Elvis became a dream maker and so can you.

Gary wanted so much to know the truth about “Life” that he got the opportunity to know. He was showing his teenage son how to do back flips on their trampoline, trying to talk and flip at the same time. Well his timing got off and he landed on his head and broke his neck and back, pop, the crack of his bones and he flew right out of his body. In the next moment he was looking down at himself on the trampoline and his son. He said that he felt great. Then he took his finger and poked his chest and he still had a body, he could see 360 degrees and then he asked for a tour of the Universe and got it and so this is his story and the knowledge that man-kind has been looking for to make the next jump ahead into the butterfly conscious. Gary say’s it’s so simple and it has been hidden right in the little atom all along.

Gary traveled a hundred million light years across the Universe and this is what he came back with.

Gary found this beautiful pool of creative intelligences and we were all there and part of it. We have had our fingers in the pie of everything that has ever been created. Now that’s really hard to believe in our caterpillar conscious, but it’s the truth.

Next the Big Bang… You won’t believe what created it, well we did. We all wanted something more. Our “Want” is what sparked the Big Bang and created the atoms. The beautiful little atoms are the building blocks of what makes our dreams come to life. Also Gary found the two dominating emotions in our Universe were “Love and Pleasure”, like who knew.

Have you ever wanted to go shopping for a new car, new dress, new home… well it was that same “Want” that created this whole universe and we will always be wanting something more… so we really are forever!

Gary explains the creation of the Universe in such a simple fashion that you would think that he is telling us how to make an apple pie.

Gary says that this pool of creative intelligence is pure thought and is in zero time. When we think a thought you can travel anywhere in the Universe in zero time. As soon as you think about buying a new car you can see its beauty right now. Think it and you see it so your thoughts in zero time are what create your dreams.

Now here is where the catch comes in on the human caterpillar level. We think it and see it and its created right, well almost. Some people like Elvis, would dream a dream and hold onto their dream until it become a reality on the human level. Some people dream their dreams, get really excited for about five minutes and then get distracted by everyday life and that’s the end of that dream and here is why.

We dream and create everything we want in zero time but the catch on the human level is there is this speed limit for everything made out of atoms, the building blocks of everything in our Universe. Einstein came up with this, and the speed limited is the speed of light, 186,280 miles per second. So that speed limit creates a buffer of time between your zero time thoughts and your creation of your dreams here on planet earth made out of the magical little atoms.

So if you hold onto your dreams like Elvis did and know that they are already a done deal they will show up. Gary says that his little prayer is “This or something better”, that way; he says that he has all his bases covered.

Now Gary gives us the complete system of creation in a nut shell.

We start with this pool of creative intelligence, the scientists call this the black hole, but it should be called the transparent vortex. Also all of the dark matter the scientist talk about in space is just transparent pure creative intelligence. It’s the driving force within and around the atoms. It’s what we are made out of and it’s our little dream makers.

Gary traveled through the transparent vortex and right into the very heart of the atom and this is what he found.

The atom has a memory chip; all of the laws of physicist and evolution are all contained within. Each atom in our Universe has recorded all of the history since the Big Bang. Every thought that has ever been thought has been recorded in real time in each atom and this is our key to dreaming our dreams and having them come true.

Self-Evident Learning came about because of knowing the secrets of how the atom works. Since our bodies are made out of atoms we have all of the knowledge within ourselves since time began. Just be quiet and ask for what you want and know that all the atoms in our Universe will light up and before you know it, you will have it or something better. The Universe loves to surprise us. Gary say’s his whole live has been one big surprise after another.

The human race is changing from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly and we are all on auto pilot so don’t worry; we will all make the change. No one will be left behind. Now isn’t that nice to hear and that’s the good new straight from the Universe to you.

The Wheel, the Airplane and the Computer have all been game changers for the human race but we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s only going to get better and better so enjoy the ride. This is your preview of coming attractions and they are all just great!

By: Capt. Gary Pylant … “the pilot”